Thursday, November 12, 2009

Redeem your life from the pit.
The flesh you fear
Cleaves to bones,

You suck it.

And I love how your tongue tastes
Like an evening shadow.

We are dust without end.
I fear your life
Like foreskin on the dead.

Behold my cruel and fierce anger.
I make the world a desert and burn the seas.

You mean that much to me.


I could be a great athlete and 
A great girlfriend.
Yet my soul is full of troubles.
Floods in the darkness 
Make the odorless footsteps sway.
A band of ruthless men
Chase them this way.

He answers my secret places.
A tiny glob of jizz splashes against the wheat.
Sometimes my pussy gets wet so I touch it.
He's careful not to scrape me with his teeth.
Sometimes I terrify him like an anthrax ring.
And once I heard a voice I should not have known.
All my springs are in you.

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xTx said...

gosh. these one are fucking skin filleting. but, im confused, are they yours?

RC Miller said...

kind of... more or less. Thanks Ms. x

xTx said...

whichever way.