Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Doorway of flesh-hooks
Projects Hell without a mouth.
For teeth it has
The horror-thickened consciousness of rocks and trees.
Under my tail I have a head.
Inside that head there is a worm.
All of its teeth are biting evil ideas in a bug.
Serpent-headed feathered fudge.
The body is a warning.


A blindfold never finished
Hangs a goose.
Uses its blood to lube holy water.
The nun glides back into my asshole.
A winking-eyed nun.
Crows approach without his history or meaning.
Fish with a wolf's body
Give them speech and senses.
And bug eye
The Creator.


Cut open my belly.
There's something inside it for every mode.
Air Jordan's eaten in the desert then dismembered.
So witchy.
Cut up everyone.
Make an absolute must-see.

I've been losing sleep over a coffin.
That is not glory. This is:
Inner-most beings in my video
Amputate their limbs to get free.
Cut out getting texts and tapping sounds.
Post-originate to launch stray monsters of the deep.


Certified adventurous cat claw.
The puma-woman's tone in my balls.
There's commitment.
We want our fun to look like
A rubbery male breast's shortness of breath.

Goddamn a field of flowers.
They do otherwise.
Something in them ignores that police may be reprinted.
Babies are also born this way
To wear a helmet and walk a log.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Apocalyptic Landscapes/ Dream Images

Friday, February 11, 2011


Hose water ripens a train wreck.
My best look is backing lack.

I spend money to seem moist in a train wreck costume.
Think of all the cool fluffiness that meals.

Badass devout like Lindsay's napkin with a movie on it.
Pull me out of her hosiery for the magazine.

Hot water is nothing but sweet trouble.
A train wreck gets it up again.


Goose bumps are drunk. Cue cards screw. These sorts of things a national anthem typically mulls.

In front of millions you stink and it is beautiful. After your face is done, goose bumps screw.

And chimps bubble for no reason for who knows how long. I'm ending to be a disciple there.

Monday, February 7, 2011