Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hard attack in the morning.

Hard attack in the middle of the night.
Mine are so small.
Maybe I have pussy envy.

Sophie and Kat tickle each other.
Kat pinches Sophie's flap.
The wicked lay a snare for me.
Fiddler on the roof, there's zombies hunting you too.

Give me understanding so that I may live.
I'll even relax and open my ass.
And you'll eat until spilled.
Later I slam a beer, studying the cosmic rarity of human beings.

Sophie and Kat pickle each other.
I take my clothes off in front of a manger.
Braindead smackdown in which a man-child refuses to conceive.
This is the fright of nothing filling my mouth.


It's true
I think that life is stupid and shitty

I've thought for years and years and years
I'm screwed

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