Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Sprint back home and make the
Pets crap.
You fuss with live ratings, you can still
Trust the next bump of program content.
A lid in the dirt and my cock underneath that skirt.
It's basic reasoning.

Private jets for every night I'm regular.
Tormentor of movies, of cars and beer.
Half-dead, half-alive, half-dead, half-alive, half-
Dead, half-alive, half-dead, half-alive, half-dead,
Half-alive, half-dead, half-alive, half-dead........

Commercials demand playback and there's
Last year.
The bucket, a cross, fish-feet.
Lid on a cock and clumps of dirt in an asscrack
Underneath your skirt.
My half. My half. My half.

A planet for every jet I've tormented.
Regulator of cars, of beer and privates.
Faith Hill discusses her new fragrance.
Night is every future climate.
Arise to the modern Ku Klux Klan.

Film-dead, film-alive, film-dead, film-alive, film-
Dead, film-alive, film-dead, film-alive, film-dead,
Film-alive, film-dead, film-alive, film-dead........



Cokehead dirth.
Infinity accelerating.
My insect-seed bed undresses
Strings to drool.
I like you mixed and matched and lately my own
Radical puritanical.
I remove my baby's heart and eat it to 
Defame muscles after exercise.
Monstrously deformed breasts are high and firm.
The more colorful one is the more colorful the future is.
Spray, shower away: done.
Wear me on a jacket or in your hair.
Great for creating a custom French manicure.
I have to believe in fairy tales and I have to believe in love.
Simulate the marsh extinct in the wild. 
Seppuku due. 

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