Monday, April 26, 2010


This monster among me,
Broad daylight,
Opens my life and it's generally unprotected sex.

Nothing here matters but cartoonishly violent feet.
The supervillian's very hands-on with my spunk and its pope.
I think of night sky as a fossil.

Now in jail for a native country,
Glass milk rockclimbs anonymous conception.
My shadow has the potential of pulling itself off.

To be dead goes by one name.
I think year-round that people are renamed fish
Or garbage from the gore of imploded stars.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

4 poems


Sure, recessions are cute.
Crossbreed channel-surfs and you'll want to will
Cloister daylight full of feral porridge of people-parts parallel to the
Targeted homes of police officers and a judge.

I'm slipping permanently into poverty.
The leaf has my baby
Which brings up one last forbidden matrimony.

I shouldn't be alive.
Forgiven condominiums hoard air and enterprise.


Human indifference on the ocean floor says it all.
An eye opens inside three or four dogs a month.

The soccer ball arrives maybe next week.
If it's an animal it'll be patient enough to rest in trees 
Or as a kokigami.

Insects outnumber human indifference.
An eye opens then peeks inside coin-operated fame
Dredged from oyster beds plated to mate.

My wife operates a pole-dancing fitness club.
Two janitors there guest star as janitors.
Adult diapers remain on the shelf.

The ocean says
Clean all the parts of the gun, put yourself away and hide from it.


The left side of the vehicle falls off the vehicle,
Fucks Obama like a fairy.
Eggs as far as runs will carry.
Ruins as far as eggs will dairy.
TV's show pitchers before and after death.
Fairly easy to get and cheap, too.


The oboe
Was once a woman.

Bench is tike
Drop dotted.

Fees and gas 
Produce new pulpit defiance.

Phones rumble back to look-a-likes,
I am Odysseus.

Sea journey opted for clean socks.
Blood samples miles deep in weatherproof.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


The earthquake amputates,
Affords a hillbilly aftertaste.

If near a bus
Why not shoot people inside.
Shot out windows welcome
Naked thighs.

Diatribe to lance
Shovels to startle televised mammals.
Some of the largest stadiums in the world
Be seen to be done.

If near a window
Why not amputate a thigh.

Robots loosen shoelaces.
Wine and dread are well-supplied.