Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I stay away from bed always
The hairy pies are so depressing
The sunset flays me best

When I grab for something
The nothing's where
I stay indoors shocked by what to think

Primitive animals disappoint me
As they roar and as they pound
I close my eyes and face the fire

Even one thought is still too many


How often do I stop and think
Someday I'll pop your cherry on camera
Then reigns down upon me
The day of my calamity
I'm stealing from your body
I'm stealing from the Bible
All this dying
Forces me to
Suck my own cock
Like a righteous fountain of life
And scorn the mountains with snow

How often I stop myself from leaving


Pain of goals and empty games
Let the walls grow breasts like towers
The fat of fed beasts is sick, there's no
Soundness within them
Let the stump say to the rabbit
Both life and death bore me
I will follow those who starve their minds
All lies are something divine


xTx said...

loving that middle one.

Sayu Tera said...

thanks for your kindness fellow poet