Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

GORE Review

Poet & editor  Joseph M. Gant has posted a review of my chapbook GORE over at Gloom Cupboard. Enjoy.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

4 poems


Pussy in flight nouns penis on kite.
I think because they're both eating the same slice of pizza
My girl rules the world.

Penis-ish pussy sniff.
Twin dairy falls make a challenging community college.
Siamese tack flaps extinct smokestack.

My girl wants to get fucked all day but I
Think of which squirrel
Spells gnat.


Duodenum forever airborne
Digitizes the badly decomposed office.

The treading sun antilocks, transmutates into sweetbread.
Airbornes wash a statue's rapist clothes.

Pallets untitled route
Carve-ups slown down to warship.


Trying to turn it willow all day,
I build a slaw.
If nothing else
Lace cloud null.

Autumn laser
Layout is trinkety.
It flakes my clothes off in front of 
A wooden jet draped over throats.


First dice licks, then embalms the weekend a couple of hours before
My boss informs me that she wants me to start
Visiting some concrete pastures with the kind of viral detection system
Used in agricultural facilities to possibly reset bioterrorism agents
That think exactly the same as we do about how
Chestnut trees live without pleasure and selflessly bleed on
The largest dart plunged in a gnome parking itself through a pig's biosensor.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

6 Photos of the Teen Choice Awards 2010

2 poems


The ranch bobcat's
Muffed limb
Fades to horn.
Marble raft rocks bottomless down rocky.

The small girl flattened in gastric juices.
The small boy frapped in pizza pieces.
Later my scalp hangs out
Of the leg dough I haunt.


Abort fessed
Blue stools
Vessel species'
Between farms
Oracle goo
Death's victorious
Tar approaches
Hung repellent
Lamely fangs
Tar pumpkins
Gymnasts coach
Lubed farms
Monotonous splurts
Play dumb
Bus pie
Classic plain
Sun crack
Gray uh
Chopped sun
Dumb pumpkin
Raped blue
Victorious busses
Pie chewed
Due lube
Between moos
Titled goo
Aborted roach