Friday, October 30, 2009



I am a toilet.
Everyone commends me on my TV body.

It’s good to know universes good to go
A grasshopper until it begins the hop around.


Bring in this ad and wet
Young Asian koi for sex.

Fly any one bed or bath
Over the Gaza conflict.

The moon
Takes pills,

I spear
The mudmen.


Gravestones sunk.
Hairdryer, buyers

Of brain and bush, a Nazi
Flag drapes my pecker.
Chips and salsa come ashore.

Ivy on a gravestone.
Lower, lower.


The lady bartender knows me and serves me free
scotch. I end the night heading for my car with my djembe and
running into
three women who had been at a wedding dance
in the same motel. They
were intrigued by the drum and invited it out for breakfast. I
was visibly enamored by the blond who then
taunted me over and over 'bout how I should pick her all night
but nooooo, I have to pick up the parking lot and pry me off the top
of an SUV as I try to enter the sun roof and it
is time to go back to
safely enjoying myself for the moist parts. Things are so different there.
In some ways it is refreshing yet in others
I get on the stick and put something.


Religion is largely absent,
Which is why we can
Memorialize Helen Keller.
Still, you gotta test for E. Coli
Delivered directly to your door.
I'm a big fan of the animal world.


Mad kisses while putting dinner on the table.
That's what a husband and husband do.

I'm usually reluctant to ask for fashionable rebates,
But September 11, 2001 is well worth it.


I am content to know
that I live like any true human would live.

Food with fangs at the bend of this bullshit and dust and
dust drops off the planet once again.
Any true human would live content to know
that I am happily dusted.

And I saw your being taken away, like any true human
with fangs and food, and the planets drop off
a petrol bomb.

If I don't have pills, I feel like I have nothing.
Sometimes, I wish I were an apple.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Fresh off the Kierkegaardian victimhood, half
A dozen stylish restaurants fill each day
With youthful laptops lamenting God, and it
Occupies the lice with museums and art.
Some even reduce themselves to pregnancy and
Livestock dealing.
Let me tell you, the word "
whore" is growing prouder in
Society as it has donated more than a million coats
To people in need.
A deafening sound, and I am like a blind can for a few sweet minutes.
I jerk-off while praying for more uranium.

Anxiety disorder or schizophrenia, I love the creamy queen.
Bang, bang, bang; her slit's a speed freak.
Two boats were destroyed and now we're lost in a moat.
Stoning me is part of the vote.
Agony or ecstasy, if I look like a duck and quack like a duck it's
Probably because I'm a fuck.
I think it's important for Americans to recognize this.
Most times I go nowhere.
An apocalyptic, terrifying mindscape.
Don't pass moral judgment on such things and
You'll be my wife.

Monday, October 26, 2009


I am eating in flannel and your high-beams spill
Bloody human flesh.
My voices are calling me toward different erections.
Instead of a cheeseburger, I skip the burger and
Have the gun.
No wonder women who drink so hard try to
Finger me out.
I want a white gun, and I want to lick
Hippie stickers from it.
Grandchildren ask to sneak up the blocked rocket.
Every morality in town dies in my psyche.
I serve them on a roll with lettuce, tomato, and spicy pimento mayo.
I've been called gay all my life because I'm a dancer.
But I know what I like and I like
Large numbers of dead in important places.
As life gets closer and closer, older joys cry
Oh my God, that squirrel's not gonna make it!"
This is just pitiful.
The masturbator has zero possessions inside the walls
Of his malice.
And I squirt more of a real lunch than eating on the street.
In my psyche I live to sneak bloody human flesh.
No one's going to win a Nobel Prize in Economic Fairness
For this type of wet, shave, and relax.

Friday, October 23, 2009


Isn't against spanking.
That skirt's great if you're looking to fuck off a few inbounds.
Just like an astronaut orbiting, I stunt cock in silent hover.
And through a backlog of borders you rethink your captor.
He defends he's a very genuine, kind, and loving avatar.
He collects fall bedding selections at 20% savings.

Hit the village and there be casualties.
Wait by the door everyday to see if my vaccine is
Several arenas of brain flushed druids.
Perhaps commit mock-suicide and re-enter your body because
It's bodies or dead.
Crunchwrap supremes require incessant reliance. 


"If only I were not alive and had not seen one day,"
The singer recently tweeted.
I keep holding and kissing her.
Try it yourself and see why I've been submitting
Invalid urine samples.
We enter the church like snipers
Sacrificing worshippers factually.
"Pink fridges and robins blue egg walls,"
The singer repeats poetically.
She's a huge span of words and their beating.
My verbage about the sea turning red is especially pleasing. 
We're going to mediate now and tune into
The obligated consciousness that unites us all.
Mashed potatoes extra creamy are maybe a bit too melancholy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


They're going blue-stool into each vessel.
We match any described species, now play dumb!
Recycle from more waste to bun.

Moo-moo, foo foo, marijuana high escalates.
You force us outside and offer a final chance to convert.
God is great, death to America, death to Israel, curse the Jews, victory to Islam.

Suicide bombers strap atomic bombs, bones play lungs.
My body enhances its own ungraded repellent
Recycled from fun waste to hung.

Get in the tar when an army convoy approaches.
Marijuana induced gymnastics, I want pumpkin pie.
Coo-coo, lubetube, on a bus ride fearing the farm.

You're looking assembled and classic and thinsulated.
I'm pubic in plain languages.
Huhr-huhr, splurt-splat, monotony's pronunciation is terrible.

The suns and wind stop, choose between black and gray.
Fetish traffickers rape luxurious imported yarns.
Be relieved by the birds in the green sauce.

Monday, October 19, 2009


by cutting off their I
we significantly alter their don’t believe

and the wind

regards it as our right to demand
an altered wind,

makes sure I didn't bleed in vain for
stainless steel handguns

I will the cellphone and
gold chain

by cutting off their
wall-to-wall TV and Internet coverage after thought

acknowledges me, and then deliberately and
consciously lets go of
beginning to count again at one

Sunday, October 18, 2009


We're only here for a split second so I
Orgasm into your asshole
A pedestrian mall stoned on HD.

Lay your testicles over my eyes and
Send me off to Hades.
I need a break from throat cancer.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Angels descend and massage their assassins.
Bass by a moth, export machines humming, 
New flavors wear skinny jeans like reversible graves.
To teleport just seems so cool to me.

Aliens arrive and question their retirement companies.
They're optimistic, yes, but tomorrow isn't complimentary.
Without bars, I'd run from river to river.
I'm less global warming than dildo distributors.

Stash honey up the cunt of a teddy bear.
Dollar bleakness looks like it's happy to stay.
An evening of Beckett pondering my crisis of faith and free will.
I see no reason and change.

As I am the chosen one here to deliver world peace,
Give me a terrific bob job in front of and behind the camera.
This is the way you live.
Melt and you'll know flies.

Monday, October 12, 2009


And trying to practice
Mouth harping skills for a
Quick ministry.

Girlfriend-loud screams
Of reform singe, but unless
I am drinking

Paranormal dishwashers
Open fire, then zero
In their fun phones

To conquer humanitarian dementia.
With lots of merchandising
They replay all my steps.

Vegetable night.
Porn site.
Vegetable night.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


In out, out in, that's
A golf course.
If you sell one free tan
Stay onboard the policeman.

Space urge ape raft:
We build a fire and try to conceive
24-hour banking.
The Bible says "it's celebrity death.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


A broken rose with laughing eyes
Just took and went, itch-free:
"I'm one of those perverts that wants to fuck Taylor Swift."

Better start believing
Cracker envy.


She thrives on disappearances 
And I get to feeling
Black gay assfucked missionary interracial.


I travel by train between the panthers
Until I quit at the riddle of my process.

I'm aging, it's the useless
Weight of lambs.

I wish I were part of a Jewish journey.
Long time no end.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Ottoman aisles squash limbs
That pee 3-D, and
The results are splacktacular!
After one half-tank, you gots your autistic son back.
Even had a drink of the father.

My brain tumor was misdiagnosed as fixed human snow.
I may again anticipate tastes of takeout and birthday sex.
Indonesian quakes push forward selective ancestry.
No condom, no problem,
I've traded rotting for the light.

Feeding on a meteorite reassigns the parts of who I am.
I'm learning, slowly, the strange world of quarks.
Avocados hear no evil, see no planes.
The way they grow aware of me makes their bodies bold.
Incest is such an isolating crime.

My brain tumor was misdiagnosed as birthday sex.
Again, no problem, no condom; it's TV
It's not nicotine.
I smile like Queen Emily Schaffer and King Bryce Barbee.
Don't give a fuck.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

"No matter what opinion Hollywood has of you."

"You're born. You peak. Your physical body goes downhill, but

Your spirit stays intact."