Tuesday, September 29, 2009


A tug of war with the rural poor.
Not enough Limbaugh's intermittently deterred.
Think the same things at the same time.
Chronic dry eye.

The chance for washing out the system yowls.
This melon's last act is to teach me nothing.
Typhoon Ketsana leaves a trail of death reductions.
Uses your Visa and buys Belladonna a Manwich. 
An honest protein, made brilliant.

Inflected gout watches football all day.
Behind every interference is a runaway cannelloni. 
If I'm talking too much it means I'm
Breathing too hard.
Up-to-the-minute breaking news clouded by drugs.

For some, life's the worst.
For us, the more we move the more we work.
A latest film and a shared lunch bopping.
Dogs can smell time.

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