Saturday, September 5, 2009


The ward heats up as bottled-water pelts down.
Small wooden maples
Cause the manifestations to destroy themselves.
Like denture cream smeared on hugs, it is amnesia blurbed. 

I meet Carrie enticing, she drills me about 
Unrolled condoms she spits.
I'm her neighborhood remedy
Clutching the jaws off a crocodile's feast.

Our convoy's bombers miss, thorns wrap a sharable dream.
Great benefits for those retiring from the military, more
Black babies to loot.
Should've seen democracy coming when we serialized time in between.

Sleep deprivation, nudity, dietary manipulation, abdominal slaps, 
Attentive grasps, facial craps, ball standing, vodka dousing, 
Stressful positions, cramped confinement-
The sharpness full of silver trolls. 

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