Thursday, September 10, 2009


Devil-demons promise desire, anger, and ignorance.
A divine mother masturbates animal-brand birds.
I meditate to achieve potency and complexity.
An embodiment of the soul assembly nesting in the frown of my womb.
You could be walking to the train and get robbed, raped, or
Anything baseball based.

Allegedly, a hominid taps to death
Shoplifted tampons from Wal-Mart.
State-owned newspapers will determine whether I suffer any 
Permanent brain damage.
Rouge lashes can be re-programmed to create muscles, neurons, and
Stomach-lining cells.
I regret not being aware of popular abductions.
Firemen are most embryonic-like.

Screw and screw and screw until one with Wii.
See daylight and get online and open the refrigerator and
Freezer by telepathically diffusing the washing machine
Near the microwave and as other appliances boo
Let the skyline finish your dirty work for you,
Merchandising slab beginning. 

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