Thursday, September 17, 2009


Stayed at the bar until dawn.
Lucifer fries the flattest bacon jauntily.
Downloads valuable coupons about a crunch
Sequence and a litterbox clean end.
One of trillions ejected, some deterministic will
Verses atrophy. 

Adorable witches and fairies compose the
Most erotic disinfectants. 
Gators toss tigers, Europa analized.  
My white geyser shares secrets instead of hats.
There is no use in money dying.
A big chunk out of your wallet cries all night, quietly.

In nascent forests of filet mignon, I ziplock
Koans for future-fuck-fun.
A cup of carrots here, a chopped savannah rare.
I do not flare other people even if
They display the same conditions I understand.
How must my testes look and feel?
That Michelle Obama inaugural doll.