Friday, March 27, 2009



I need you because I’m anxious.
I permit spew in bed, an honest aim.
Anytime I wallow slower, you lay
The visible convulsing.
I remember that steak is dead.
Hail falls inside my head.

I am thankful for your letters, lighting
What’s gone between our stark emotions
And the first void of morning.
The last darkness chases the city.
Dove traces exchange my pity.
It’s too early to be naked.

I give you my first stare, plumbing
A destination superior and gutless
As the terror I wear.
Our pups are boiled alive in oral sex, their
Noises assume weapons where we won’t.
When dead, I’m them.

I need you in my head.
Anything the visible remembers is there
But isn’t.
I face the bed because hail falls on the city.
I am thankful that darkness chases my pity.
What’s left between us ends slowly.

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