Monday, March 9, 2009

10 Fragments

I chop off my nose and hand you
My ear while we're asleep, I never
Planned for this, I need your favors
Growing inwardly

A dynasty of bronze DNA scoops, 
Potential disasters I roll over duped,
In one day I'm displaced, and we are
Indeed very meaningful

Abuse the self and include me among
A selection of utensils, it creates many
New jobs for those who demand the world's
Top brands, on your pillow is quite a handsome dick

Heavy smoker with a broken ticker, a cradled corpse
They stable online, the numbers vary little, the battlefields
Automatically roast up some hippos and gorillas, I've
Enough to occupy my ground without your death

The image is how I think,
The image in what I drink, a firewood
Mind, a smooth gun I don't show, the
Darkness under doors the

Ice was gonna tell her I was
Somebody to step back from, the train
Falls asleep farting, twenty wombs repeat
My characters

Clams and kings, their meat sticks out, their
Moving feels weird, like a neck
Pointing out a road, like
The center of a wolf

I want to be your dark man, give me another
Reasonable hit, cuff me up a cloudy bay, your
Evil unleashed just in case my solitude
Beckons its spastic bloom

Through violence our becoming is
Valued, it is clear when agony succumbs to another
Soul, another monotonous and single devotion reaches
The point where its reproduction is irreversible, where

The numbness goes away strange mountains are
Detached from the muscle line, violet slime is hauled
In verses, I hope I can be a hint for you, I hope
I'm the exaggeration of a replacement you rank.

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