Wednesday, March 4, 2009



My steak gets wild while pursuing your carpeted paradise.
My mind expands due to trendy gadgets
Taxing turkey sausage and a flawed condom
Splattered on the flinching sidewalk.

It’s shocking how photographs
Probe the inner emotions of holidays,
And successfully signal an imprinted doomsday
That cares so much for nailclippers buttfucking mortality.

And yes it’s shocking how precisely
My new master stares 
At each treason as if his cheese
Rapes a digital membrane queen.

The rent checks slip on passed out candy.
I’m shocked stiff and protecting my drugs
From an identity load of divine iron junk
Awake and hunting.

The same old story, the population is groggy,
Screens and diets discuss their titties
Like a broiled lamb chop
Saving birthday decoys from migraines.

I may be vague, but I assure you I’m not ill.
With every mile, my prison becomes more marketable,
Capturing these poses in a committed spotlight
Crawling back to the irresistible burning.

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