Thursday, October 29, 2009


Fresh off the Kierkegaardian victimhood, half
A dozen stylish restaurants fill each day
With youthful laptops lamenting God, and it
Occupies the lice with museums and art.
Some even reduce themselves to pregnancy and
Livestock dealing.
Let me tell you, the word "
whore" is growing prouder in
Society as it has donated more than a million coats
To people in need.
A deafening sound, and I am like a blind can for a few sweet minutes.
I jerk-off while praying for more uranium.

Anxiety disorder or schizophrenia, I love the creamy queen.
Bang, bang, bang; her slit's a speed freak.
Two boats were destroyed and now we're lost in a moat.
Stoning me is part of the vote.
Agony or ecstasy, if I look like a duck and quack like a duck it's
Probably because I'm a fuck.
I think it's important for Americans to recognize this.
Most times I go nowhere.
An apocalyptic, terrifying mindscape.
Don't pass moral judgment on such things and
You'll be my wife.

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