Friday, October 23, 2009


Isn't against spanking.
That skirt's great if you're looking to fuck off a few inbounds.
Just like an astronaut orbiting, I stunt cock in silent hover.
And through a backlog of borders you rethink your captor.
He defends he's a very genuine, kind, and loving avatar.
He collects fall bedding selections at 20% savings.

Hit the village and there be casualties.
Wait by the door everyday to see if my vaccine is
Several arenas of brain flushed druids.
Perhaps commit mock-suicide and re-enter your body because
It's bodies or dead.
Crunchwrap supremes require incessant reliance. 


"If only I were not alive and had not seen one day,"
The singer recently tweeted.
I keep holding and kissing her.
Try it yourself and see why I've been submitting
Invalid urine samples.
We enter the church like snipers
Sacrificing worshippers factually.
"Pink fridges and robins blue egg walls,"
The singer repeats poetically.
She's a huge span of words and their beating.
My verbage about the sea turning red is especially pleasing. 
We're going to mediate now and tune into
The obligated consciousness that unites us all.
Mashed potatoes extra creamy are maybe a bit too melancholy.

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xTx said...

you are always so fucking good