Sunday, May 30, 2010

2 poems


Love from self-indulgence.
Exonerate through muffdiving.
A wondrous deity screams a name fit for tits.
Take refuge in the robe destroyed by seed.

Fatalism of women for the salvation of the world.
Judgementday, preoccupied stickershock, an uncircumcised ghee.
I will women for the salvation of the world.
The heavens overspread; ships popular on the moon shit flowerpots.

I have not yet decayed.
The rain appears as both its mother and father.


All of existence is evil.
Once it hemorrhages, the sacrifice expands to a castanet-sized fishstick.
Darken my hook with cocoons and dry hair.
The great orb disorders elbows.

God has revealed itself to a white boar.
A wooded mud missing a pigeon.
Fresh berries, they kiss noses.
Colon cancer while I'm eating my breakfast.


Anonymous said...

"Dominant" is incredibly awesome. Sounds like some good fucking.
" ships popular on the moon shit flowerpots." is a fucking awesome line.

RC Miller said...

thanks for reading man, your continuous support is also fucking awesome.