Thursday, May 27, 2010

17 photos/ 4 poems


Digitize the badly decomposed office.
I've never washed a statue's rapist clothes.
The sun spreading an ambulance slowly begins to sweeten.
Digitize its wink and spout
"I bed the head of a beetle".


Her cherry often pops on camera
Then reigns down upon me
Bodies from the Bible.

All this pulp on camera
Forces the mountain to steal a body.

Days of calamity 
Pop cocks into bibles
And stuff fountains with cherries.

All the snow leaving the Bible
Forces me to suck the mountain.


I sing to the
Savior of skull.

Such is dull spirit
Invaded by flesh.

And blasts kill scores
Of flesh so stalled.

Their diarrhea falls,
Fucks a cats' mouse balls.

And I'm skulls of diarrhea
Then a parrot

Pit-patting where cat balls
Fuck my skull.


Sands birth green sauce to oil the sky.
The blackness of an inner universe alternates souls.

Ants divide ash for the exit of cooling stars.
The sky recycles from mossy waste to bun.

The green sauce grows tits atop my mind.
Those who carve birds see the blackness that everything else did.

1 comment:

Nobius said...

"...I'm skulls of diarrhea
Then a parrot..."

F*cking brilliant RC. Wish I'd written it.

Hey, where are the other two contributors to this blog?

I'm looking to stretch my creative muscle, perhaps I could be the fourth?
(HINT) Or perhaps not. :)