Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Cause Of Birth Is The Will To Be Born

Poison continues the soul.
Pets ahoy
And waiting a week before the savoring.
Local's been tagging me to fly with patriots for flextime.
The clown in there is a testicle times twelve.
My testicles bump accidentally and get zipped up
While I stand in line to buy our season tickets.
Them apples been begging me to sneak sponges there
Every New Year's.
Somebody chases us out.
The clones make love and sex seem dutiful.
Their names are on the bill.
The next time I live in New York I'm renting a car and staying at a hotel.
Our clones watch everything to try so I
Stew them a sanity downsized.
The doors do not hold.
The doors do not.
Hold not, the doors do not.
The not do the doors hold.
And next time I live in a small town I'm renting a small town mentality.
City gals in tight gray jeans watch my testicles jump.
They work hard and attend all the Super Bowl games.
Beseech me, I bill everything I try.
A preparation for what evacuates often.
Lunch on this decal to be prepared.
This is a sanity I do not hold.
Apartment houses of low tolerance.
About a half an ounce finishes the earlier.
I have two beers and accidentally zip up my testicles.
A preparation on this decal evacuates often.
Small towns in tight gray jeans clone every soul continuing.
Love and sex seem dutiful and begging for the Super Bowl.
We poison experiences of objects that fact the.
We want to be born.
Consciousness identifies itself with its embryo.
The fact that people die causes people in this world.
The cause of birth is the will to be born.
Total hours worked carry over from one calender year to the next for purposes of calculating
Should you check during a meal or rest break.
Experience the primal cleansing.
Shoot whiskey like a body bag do.
I talked this morning already.
I omit what the ribbons excuse.
Sleeves we sample explain to me
Strawberry therapy
Protected from an experience of God.

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