Thursday, December 18, 2008

7 Rejected Poems To Gloat


Surfaced ripples of width
Intend another day.
Bones thrown where they belong
Disintegrate all the same.

I follow your skin
Feeling us for home.
You refuse me.
You refuse me nothing.

Our soul is the clay
Mending a vision after it funds
The chatter of other worlds and maps of horror
Our debt shall bring.

In time, an eyeless mammal
Greases the frantic pavement
With our scorn
Clothed a treason because it whines.

O wrathful moon of solid bat,
My master licks the tickle of his stormy complication.
O solid bat moon of warped sunset,
My master won't live through centuries lubricated.

I am followed everywhere I wane,
Breathless in rebirth
And broken to save
Violets for your tan.


It take so many shrimp to target vulnerability.
Traveling round the chlorine, my failures point.
To return a golden lover upon termination,
An access flush meets its exit.
Each morning, my thighs shine against a railing.
Entrances into lotions are temporarily removed.
Upon termination, the escort erases her salvaged crumbs.
Aware of emptiness, the pond is merry.
Scripts sign out like constipated secrets.
The dangle fails
That time where your lips licked furniture.
My passwords change as my sex changes.
Find this ritual which the goat rinses.


The alien niche
That can own
Watches something suffer
Through my thoughts upon suffering
And then I puff
A kidney's four yawns
Making myself the whiplash
Where the body is interlaced
An opal crib of trifling doubles
For demons not wattage
And there they glow
Diverting the night like wind
In or spiting pampered clover
Winded in a scene of panhandlers
Many as children my noodles may afford
All bound and money friendly
O God we shroud the wrong digits
And hustling fog
The choices move necessarily to comfort
A pamphlet against conductive thrills
As you whimper
I am ready to settle
I'll repay you on a score
Submitting the mannered and scripted
Sources of wiped happiness
That soon we'll be stuffed with.


Humbled by the hate
Arresting nauseous planets,
I'm sorry you are cloaked
And will never be mined.

Seven cigarettes bide my gums
Tipped bites of cheek and then hooves pack
Raw egg fishing shacks
Betting the rind is sensual.

Deprived a roof our hose films a tower
Murmuring the hashed descent.
The tower percolates a mammoth
Parade of voluptuous addicts
Searing wrappers for our discounted props.

Some are a daybreak derangement from what I eat to tread.
Some was what you ate with toast.
And you are silly about what I ate while bait.
As today you is in limbo
Eating my ashes in the quandary of tomorrow.


I'm dying bugged if also quite simply.
My gold already was a substance mulched
For the loan of one grid
Daring the passion hunted animals mentor.

Singing our grace had in malls
And a split with gentle mates,
Of plump
My genitals wave hamburger space.

And I envy those odors
Loathing lactic stars,
Edible when your lover knocks
Bipolar on principle.

While lovely his noggin competes to rage
In spirals the condemned expect without,
You forage instead the pattied no joint of cram
And forget who I hurt and redistribute.

Where dots and vultures meet,
These beams from my decree
Sling a sleet
Claiming its empire is as useful
As flyspunk on acid drops.


In the humidity I tug my joint
Preventing other wands from sliding to and fro.
Smart ladies poke fun at me
So I kick their lamps out.
After this, hip ladies seldom pout.
It's March. It's April.
The free gifts drink an ode of blood punch.
And in the pores upon my nose
We have our clothes on and reuse touch.
But damp along the month of May
I know who you are.
I'm your kind figured out.
I'm your kind you.
And Autumn arrives near the Winter sacrilege,
A three step cure waiting to strangle
Sleep channel shakers
Stuffing the yard what we're scabbed of.


The blisters bake
The riots raging.
The spectrum is chronological and ideal.
I expect anything the hightop sneakers expect, I expect
Blueberry waffles rising from our graves.
I massacre freely
A snap of moos on couch zits.
A meaty deer tainting my twin a pitching again
The coats, the coasts, a Lord of vacuums delightful,
Proves time is difficult,
As this smile is timed
To show a routine fist bleaching our ankles.

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