Wednesday, December 10, 2008

4 Previously Published Poems


I recall being insane,
Retrieving war bonds for fresher breath.

I dial stitches.
I stitch scarves.
I hope next Christmas arrives soon.

My suds tame Jonah with half a gill.
My hype's expensive and grilled offensively
By slurps from butane tongues extensive.

I recall the insane
Revealed in stout tones of whoppers.
War with Iran by next Christmas!
Blow job from Miss Iran before Armageddon expires!

I mean
I memorize vital signs
Like a caveman half drunkenly rewinds breath.

I mean I fear
Buckles the scorched trees fuck hogtied.

(First appeared in Kill Poet, October 2007)


Like the salt lizard,
I haven't seen red lips
Since an actress saved my life
Minutes before the subway
Blew up.

You are the right word
Biting a spider scar
Not revealed
In daily nude costumes.

My incestuous bride
Wants me to know
That all invisible things
Appear in her dreams
As rainbow flames drinking water
Which cannot live.

(First appeared at Silenced Press, June 2007)


Hollow bells respond to cultures
Based on an orgy
Of cannibals
Tapping the bloated expanse framed order.

Handsome creatures riding
Roller coaster slush
Sip from the well
Of a desert's seductive oblivion.

My rapture is my adder
Tracing chains for boats that tug
Crumbled treasure.

My possessions reproduce handshakes
Tolerant to pocket any habit
Violence sheds.

Shivering harbors
Rushing to distort the tethered midnight
Cut loose my mocker of shores
Inhaling scattered permanence.

(First appeared in AGUA, July 2008)


Every tepid shooting incident
Unveils a gimmick
So easy for clumpy Barbados vacations to forge.
On the flaw of pregnancy
Sparkles instruct an inked piper
Hypnotizing ceiling tiles and ammunition.
Everywhere is stubborn
Savoring Middle East foreign clearance procedures
Depressive yet synchronizing
16 million toddlers distinguishable as designer braces.
These scabs on the knuckles of assassins
Index my pauses
Ladled in an opaque soup of aboriginal hexes.
And responding to an existential crisis
I patch myself
The crowded rat ashamed,
Submissively bopping corneas of noxious core.
I witness the homeless freebasing hairspray
And all I think about
Is if they can do it so can brand headquarters.
Stuck in Astoria
Muslim tweens rock Spider-Man backpacks,
Throw snowballs and munch Doritos.
Warriors, it worries me
When the poodle secures his pump on the sidewalk,
And Muslim tweens forfeit their chadors for diaphragms,
That Spider-Man must love Doritos also.
Juiced well before a toothbrush,
Gazebo orgies and crap producers pass out fluoride
Tempted by Kanye West's ripe cunt
Expanding like the consciousness of a self-actualized
Autonomous individual quitting cigarettes.
Honey, please share your Adderall
Shooting 16 million designer chadors abortive and hot.
The embedded demons are all that survive
My decoy wilderness
Implicating every abscess refugees meant to savor.

(First appeared in Brain Box, May 2008)

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