Thursday, April 10, 2014

Two Poems


Once upon a time a mannequin wore a chemical suit and sold itself for $600. I bought that mannequin and its manager too and invited them to munch on my feet. They lived as concubines and we hit the clubs three nights a week, danced and flung our shit in the direction of cameras. Gorgeous tragedies paid so much attention to us. We loved to fling shit to the lines of the poor.

I heard at another club someone was abducted. These days, I have a dinner plate smothered with gravy.

Gravy from inside of me. 

My hotel room needs to survive. There's a knock and it's strong. A misadventure-fresh knock from a fat silhouette. I draw back the curtain. A moustache and mouth come inside my head. I am dressed as a blackhole clipped pole star with pingers for lips.

"Dave here?" asks the moustache and mouth.
"No one here." I say.
"Where's Dave hiding? Where is you hiding Dave?" moustache man replies with a pounce of glassy annoyance.
"No one here!" in sleepy cigarette breath.
"Dave promised to be here today." His mouth begins to rape:
"Dave is something I want. Dave takes showers with my wife. There is no meaning in my spine."
I stand away from my breath. Sweat appears inside my ears.
I say "I know nothing about anything you have to say."
"If Dave comes out of your head tell him my wife needs him." He fears being without distinction.
I suddenly realize neither of us remember speaking.
"You know Dave?" The moustache and mouth realizing they don't belong.
"No." I answer, realizing time does not exist.
The one who doesn't belong says "Sorry to bother you. Take this soda from my pocket." And
It's the abducted body buried. 

There's nothing but laughter for nothing ever after.


As a credit card user I thaw 
Viper fog, this is
The best of my dick moves.

I'm cleaning the temple of
Heavy soil, critical junk.
I've a heartbeat whenever I want.

Flat whales and monkey's biting,
I'm never going to sleep.
I've a garbage bag whenever I want.

I've gone on and on and smell the face of spines.
My easy lifetime after an unknown 

Paper towels never going to sleep
Wait up for me.
Saliva waits up for me.

It murders my badly advised want.
Outgrown riots splash follow buttons
Upon the temple walls like larva.

Windows take minutes.
By time I'm amused.
I take a dump of hand stumps wherever I want.

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