Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Black Tree


More female than woman, I've seen the Youtube video,
Less high than dog shit rolled in grass clippings.
I stay away from doctors and children and
It saves my sanity, life and money.
I'm miles from home, where shoes are scarce and teeth are even scarcer.
It takes the place of a penis in my dreams.
But coming back is necessary. And who's that coming up to meet me?
It's me being being dead, I be sand.
Last Friday night. Rachel calls herself an absolute pubic hair.
She lists me
Drinking all night, buying whiskey after beer from her small hand.
I want to smell her pussy.
Rachel smokes
Arms with various moles.

Angels show me how to wear snark.
Music is bulging. Trust the licking.
I've fucked everyone gone mad,
Taken their diet tips from a gunshot wound to the head.
I have that funny feeling I'll be the sand. Suddenly,
A fat slut explains to a friend how to fuck another friend.
Then I'm real cool for the rest of the night.

Fat sluts talking demand I stop fighting.
When they want a system I'm right there with them.
I smell lost lovers
From inside my body, beaching as left hands that never shook.
I'm aware of their reason.
They're just another show to be forgot.
I look beyond my disinterested lymph node. 

I see my brother find love.
I see my sister pass to her children a day beyond compare.
I buy Rachel's dog shit life so I'm not forgot,
Like we once made a life together.
I complete all the things I want to get done.
Sweating crowds cum in me and I cum in them,
Putting chairs on the missing link. 

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