Monday, October 4, 2010


A lightbulb is full of ransom.
A pit swells in its rash.
There's always more memory for more
Mailman juice loose in the attic.

A painting of a dentist
Captures a curtain growing nostrils.
Watch this lampshade eat its snot.
Watch me eat this lampshade's shit.

Now with its spirit inside me comes
A sentence of death.
As those without skin
That's all I've ever eaten.

Something's sticking
Gray tongues out of my forehead.
Long sleeveless isolation
The secret matter reflects.

A loaded pistol wielded in a snow globe.
Mouths of carrot-cake cupcake
Inspire bloodthirsty jelly of 
Majesty and maker boning the marvelous.

1 comment:

George Anderson said...

A riotous collage of images!