Saturday, December 5, 2009


Only God knows the unbelievable
Bars, defiant forms, and boutiques.
Only God
Lets us hydroplane down the highway
Distraught and unique.
OK, so we're both expanded by the ebb of some fable.
Rivers and vegetables and our non-word surprises
Like a television series' important turnaround.
You nail me to the wall, the viewers arrive in droves.
It's then the germs thrive
And there's ample appetite for rat.
Given the amount of change about to happen, the
Clergy doesn't take their cue and doesn't have a pan.
You nail yourself to the wall, we're talking 
Technologies that won't be going away.
A mass email message obliges:
Always attach bait before setting the snare.
OK, so rivers are televisions programmed to provide
A short order spook or a stupor.
Like vegetables implying the form of a rat, only within
Coffins may one appetize the trim enough
To go into the ground beef.
It's then I finally permit misunderstanding
And wander about for lack of food.

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