Tuesday, December 29, 2009



And a lot of cute girls love that premature baby
Looking fabulous as it hand glides.
And a lot of cute guys love that gallbladder
Squashing along like a hot pink premiere
With a gazillion pantsuits fashioned from surgical lights.
And soundscapes of elephant
Litter the soy sauce strangeness
Of a romance between conjoined twins
After they've sawed each other apart to death; to
Shanghai, my father looks for a peculiar strain of cilantro, then
Spends his deep strangeness inside an outdoor cage
Digesting me.


Feels like a neverending year where my woman 
Wants to increase the many moments that
A writer could write while staying the same person
Even if everything that nourishes deep down
Is actually some dying urge 
Looming above
Should I be able to repeat
Our real fruit flavor
With a mouthwatering aroma
Fast absorbing
Dangerous levels of spatula
Over steady backbeats


I euthanize the live ones.
I call them an angry force or the shitty.
After hours in a fishbowl
More consumers cite parasitic worms
Than all other media combined.
I'm just going to keep my head down to avoid
Seeing the whale carcasses decomposing in the chow hall.
It's hard to prevent my drunken driving from sucking one of them.

This central midmorning of thick crowds
Gropes and stalks those religious people
Like they're the bloodiest and certainly
The most anatomical martyrs
Since Sam Walton and George Dayton.
An avalanche refloats
Well out to sea.
I concentrate on the boiling rovers.

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