Thursday, July 2, 2009


A butcher complains about the regulated oasis while re-doing his
Motorcycle seat. Tans a cows' hide and is
Preserved by it. Another flight was off on a big tangent toward
The center line of the highway without
Regard for oncoming traffic - a rather good

Fuck You sort of supervising of determinant cancer. My rich
Uncle Nick's supposedly
Involved with the "Banditos" and other biker gangs. He's
Native American, tall, skinny, long and tatted up. He's often
Kicked out of Canada, abandoned in a trunk and

Shot execution style. All this
Indicates is that the spud always gets rid of lesser
Membranes. I start joking about culling the herd. Dick gets up
And says
"Has anybody seen Dick?," then busts out laughing.

The guy next to him didn't hear him and asks what he said. Rick's
Devoted to this brawny groin on his face
And says, "Nothing".
On a completely different float, hearses have landed as
Green bean assortments.

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