Friday, July 3, 2009


These reappointed shakes are almost as bronchial as
Kate Voegele's
"99 Times" or "LoveGame" by Lady GaGa, so
To deal I read how
Word Riot publishes the forceful moistures
Within up-and-coming flatulence blown out to warm some ringworm
Performing a kind of Pakistani belly-dance called
mujra in Lahore's historic red light district. Last fall,
A judge in Lahore's high court declared
mujra dance "vulgar" and banned it from being
Performed web-footed. Also, lauded were two teenage terrorists
Recording a new album sang sexually to arouse a goat's
Deeply conservative Muslim lactose. Where the

Punishment for blasphemy is a death sentence, one
Urinating fool in NYC openly mocks the grotesque
Establishment of mayors, pastors, educators, engineers, military
Personnel, first responders and others who dominated the fabric
Of American fanaticism from its conception to cow. And as ongoing
Helplessness defines moral and family values, the need for
Her home with a needle plunged in him has especially
Been making it to work everyday and even talks about
Gowns wrapping the windburn below a fractured crown. This
Information has been sent to the Library of Congress and sure I
Secrete an ISBN number while fondling it.

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