Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A White Ship Sails On The Black Sea

2 Poems


Solution slices creep out of the slickers.
Developing markets are bleeding the malls of model cities.
A passion for life always plans on its derivatives.
Movie trailers justify giant losses.

Far-flung scrapes rally a scheming variant.
Networking is productive, but viral.
Visitors at the Holocaust Museum pile up on foggy diaries.
Humanity may never be poised to embrace its vital role in the coda.

The cost of drugs scars a soldier turned artist.
We did not realize his dying audio was one of our own orgasms.
Rice prices stabilize after a black hole eats the Earth.
We find ourselves captured by antimatter, exiled in a realm of packets.

Live mannequins set-up boutiques in a manner never before witnessed on the island.
Sizzling beef, pork, lamb, sausage, and poultry cover their mouths and nostrils.
It takes more than a shooting or a mattress to make them crazy.
Maybe when we start running and screaming, it's the climax of their movie.

Think of everything as the one animal trees forgot.
A reminder of our duty to confront those who tell lies about our history.
Believe that the temperature and resistance of the bug is a mental illness.
There's no name for this tutorial, no name for whatever answers the door.


Then I understand worlds of glass, the
Place with the dull knife, a
Scenic phoenix.
And I rub for the white.
Goblins are fizzling.
Sacks washed back to front.

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