Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bring Me Something I Can Use


In order to return to purity, the universe issues
A retard that buys me crack.
I can tell from your eyes you're thinking
It just ain't bright.

Randomly paced poets sample brands of hummus off of frog clits.
An empty case of beer houses a bird
Tweeting until it skips ahead in years.
Deforested genders linger, parched and indistinguishable.

Swimming through an immunity
Within the blood
Feeding me
Some nun pussy, unsafe
To love,

You press a superb
Grape on whatever vines are lowered
Toward the silent neon-flicking ants
Scurrying into caves that hum
Beside the toenails
Receding from the spray
Of tingling fun pleasing a Starbucks mom

Barking at my inertia,
And hung on cogs.

Her note from the underground reads:
Coming out coming out coming out coming out,

My asshole’s glowing!

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xTx said...

a weaving of words...