Monday, May 18, 2009

Red Red Meat


Fire ants cover an orange for the first time in their life, spitting
Out the occasional bruises they eat.
Otherwise, matter remains unchanged.
Mind gets-off on the transvestite's hiss.
A sun of machetes, compact
And risked.


My reproductive visit has come and gone and you are perhaps
pondering a big move to CA and maybe you'd like to
meet for a coffee distraction sometime either tomorrow or Tuesday
or Wednesday? I sent some poems to the New Yorker a few weeks
ago, think I'll get rich?

And I've been back in underemployed reality. It's been
a painfully slow few weeks so any excuse to pretend things don't suck
is welcome.
Hilarious, I can't believe you're awake! I must admit, drunk
as fuck, working on the finishing touches in my head this evening and
I had an immediate urge

on walking as per usual, all is too weird not to.
Awake oh yes, I just looked at the clock and thought 2:14 AM,
2:52 AM, 2:35 AM, 2:18 AM, 2:30 AM, but we're on much later, excellent!
Things ain't as bad as you make it sound, wish you'd agree to get stoned, kidnap
your soul and shit, maybe I'll see noon unless who knows....


You cannot fully give me health tonight.
We haven't fucked on ovens all month.
Hexes must become an option again if our future is bright,
But even when I masturbate, my semen shots echo
Bat tar.
A castle on top of a mountain guards the rebel town.
I'm an actor in a theater of coma-like tactics.
Let's start a family and live life right.
Thrust mulch if you must, I miss dirtying
Smothered things.
Watch, as you’re grooming flakes I double-team dread.

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