Sunday, May 10, 2009

3 Untitled Poems

stolen from Osama Ghoul because my mind done fell blank. Originally found here


If you’ve made it there yet, mine was good, although I sunburnt the top of my left foot. Otherwise I’m well.  I thought
I would let you know that I’m glad I got to see you again, though when I got to thinking about our conversation
I was afraid,

so I apologize.  I’d really like to not talk about myself and learn more about what you think. Anyway, I just stopped
for a bite so I’m going home now.  I'm talking to me also.


Trends how we see them are misaligned.
Look back twenty beers and everything's clear.
What we are now the future unclears.

Pussy gorilla face banana fuck nut,
My friend's handle.

Fought a bitch the otter day who missed my dance.
Fished on the creek and had good luck.
What's in the box except rubber lures.
Maybe I'll get her one-

A-days with my giant cock.

Came home to pray chafing as shit.
Opened the fridge and counted the eggs.
Looked for an omelet to put in my mix.
Thought hard about it and just gave

Up. Opened a can of peanuts and just gave up.

Looking ahead at the goals we seek is not as important
as what ground passes our feet.
Garlic chicken wantons. 


To see me 
stalking you, usually not the slightest bit concerned, must have 
seemed something in your eyes. The kindness of a controlling person with lots of sentimental thoughts and 
memories about you, and I should thank you for that someday. 

It's so nice 
to have happy memories of my highschool sweetheart. Seeing you is a very 
surreal thing for me too. Sometimes I seem to think you don't really exist, 
because I haven't seen you in 100 years. But then you appear and I realize that we are still in the same world

at first, 
and I experience outbursts of rage and impatience. This lasts for about four
days after depression kicks in, right as I'm beginning to
eliminate sitting twice a day. 

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