Wednesday, April 22, 2009



Statues stalking sight for sky
Piss onto our heads the moonlight as it's found, leaving
Cloudscapes insertable.

Certainty is cold and seems so sad, exorcised
Baby beef underneath my pants treats it with a brainy liberty by
Waving soiled gauze at bees.

And energy ceases to fry the fraught lichens court-side, mirrors
Glare at their rebounded walls big as tags
Explosively crinkling the holes forgetting we're human.

A virus rings, hellhounds bark cha-ching, particles
Bash into alternate realities premeditating a primitive need
For charity, for toiletries.

Where I work uncorks me and I fuck up, I
Fuck my desk and then the deaf kid two floors above fucks the
Slotted radiator that reminds him of Orthodox Easter grass.

Terrified, I'm on the phone, it's terrifying you're on the other line, and
In his great mercy, God has given us new birth into a living hope through
The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the feds.

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xTx said...

nice pic.
nicer words.