Tuesday, April 14, 2009



Coming into this world, a view is no longer of any use.
Nothing arrives just as it is, a wind without nature.
To be awake within an instant, I think already of mistakes.
Death is what I find waiting, my original mind
Neither here nor there.
Moment to moment does not make anything, I will be
As I have always been.

And the catfish opens her mouth, creating a whirlpool
That sucks me up by the toes.
My mind darkens with mind habits.
My future begins once released from her vagina.
But I've got no place to go.
The catfish has nauseating rolls.
I make everything as if it's always been.

And I like it when she takes me from behind, prodding
Our one great wrong.
It's the only benefit of toiling for eons.
The catfish opens my mouth and inserts her girl cock, creating
A whirlpool that sucks up my ghost shit.
I see myself as real but somehow I am not.
I create my own shit but in many ways my shit has created me.

I've got nowhere else to go.
It's my one great nausea. 
I'm about to smoke a cigarette so I pull my pants down.
A crack whistles in the wind, letting God's mind thin.
Ghosts shit in my mouth, creating the catfish 
I take from behind.
There are many benefits from being real.

Moments pacify moments, my striving for original mind
Is a thought already full of mistakes.
I am awake for an instant, a future without use.
I come into being, the world's neither here nor where.
God's vagina darkens when she sees what's real within me.
Death makes waiting natural, and 
Nothing arrives like it's always been.

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i have no words.