Saturday, February 21, 2009



I took the road feeling sad.
I understood why you've kept me preserved.
I once saw him coming
To heal the sick with his shadow.
I paid an entrance fee.

I see it coming.
I see signs posting a theme,
Truth in a pure state
Thinking what is not pure.
I understand why you've kept your wood
Ready for another key
Of immobility reckoning.

Tangled signs enlist their theme.
Variations on air and fire.
Variations on teeth and eye sockets.
The faulty guts of crowds
Go hungry when the Lord's worth needs release.

I once saw it coming.
I saw monuments dedicated to the tension of bedroom stains.
I saw monuments dedicated to a peril now so out of fashion.
I thought in a pure state
But my thinking was not pure.
My actions are still of imaginary labels
Promising your animal fertility.

I take the road feeling sad,
Seeking mayhem
Advertising what frailty abounds.
I preserve mayhem at half-mast
And begin to heal the sick with tainted shadows.

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