Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Poems Written While Staying at The Big Ten Inn, Iowa City, IA, 06/21/04


I am attached to your raven whore blackout.
I am your killer's vital sauce
Leftover from the mosquito's bloodless cup.
I am on the lookout for any stuffed sheep
Who graze a vengeful story.
Immortal is my buzzing stage.

I recite parables saluting spinal chord rockets
Launched above abundant fields of captured statues.
I bite frantic rabbit mothers squirting bobcat fathers.
I race cars twice as large as the cage
Converting plastic dolls.
Estranged are your maggots flocking.

To all the tiny antenna heathens 
Who fish my mystical abyss,
I await your aghast substance
Justified in the spoiled skins
Repelling pop-eyed executions.

I am a gang-bang survivor.
I am a lurid and lucky toe tag.
At the center of your scrambled trance,
I harvest a nuclear moan,
And punch square in the nose
Freezers of endangered genital pie.

I anticipate the patriotic apocalypse,
Organizing our crater slaves to rumble profoundly-
One-dollar razor!
One-dollar crazy glue!
One-dollar battery!


When clerics fork over the wizard tooth,
And nest slayers share infinite reruns 
Of victimized logs burning their entertainment fuel,
I see the mad glass fire
Paralyzed or running crooked,
Growing barbed wire fins to swim in trapped milk.

I see us
In rubber robot suits screaming
Arson death is the verdict in dragging death!
White death is to blame in avalanche death!

And over the ledge of splits without shame,
I see certified bibs 
Roasting the dynamic of resistance.
And above the cement braced by virgin honey,
I see a deluged nation
Tempting beverages to lease hospitable riots.
In ribs and wallets I see our measurements.
In sage and coral I smell our waste.

We are here to be lead astray.
We are there against time's bleary drain.
And dense are the premonitions 
Dumped near our swinging delay.
And dense is our night
Thinking of gambled and green eyelids.

O we are here to be lead astray.
We are targets blowing a legacy of loins.
And into a diamond ghost
I see you plunge your gorgeous stinger,
As I abuse the Lord's garlic
Forever reducing our original shatter.

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