Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Too Am High

You're your
You years
Yeah I write
And would work
The words with
The will and who
Of which is where
And when then what
We're well
We are ways
Of water that was
I want to very
Use the us
I'm up and um
Uh-huh, uh
I too am time
Those and this
Think of things
They're these
There, the them 
That take
Such a state,
Something  so
She sees
I say what's right
I'm really the president,
I'm a percent of people
Parts over
An outer our,
An other or
Only one
On okay?
Oh numbers!
Now is not
No news
And new is my
Much of most
And most is more
Than a million mhms
I mean it's me,
I may the many
I make the made
A lot to look
I'm long and like
The last to know
You're kind and just
Into if
I'd had the had
Guessed good
You're going to go,
You give from
First finds
Even down
You don't do
The day as we could
The can calls
Bye like before
I've been here because
You'll be back
At any
Ah after.

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