Friday, April 15, 2016



Chaka Castro feels like wandering off forever.
Dwight Halls limits Juan to the same biological sex.
Khaliah McGruder makes a turkey call.
Juan Olaya exposes himself to a meth lab.

Castro Olaya changed Dwight’s voter registration on a computer.
Halls McGruden noticed the most honking of horns ever.
Chaka Juan had a kidney reject her.
Dwight Khaliah found Kayla’s sliding door unlocked.

Dwight Castro is suspicious of government from the beginning to the end.
Taka Hall performs traditional music from the Celtic lands.
Juan McGregor waits for a pizza and needs something to pass the time.
Kayla Wright knows all Chaka gets is a goddamn tombstone.


I pay an Asian whore to piss the sound of candlelight.
Our night trying to get out of the night goes on and on. 

Dawn’s already old at dawn.
It’s family owned, not franchised.

Peace be upon my old school friends before they pass away.
The sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees reveals your spiritual boredom. 

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