Thursday, March 3, 2016



The train next to mine just struck a trespasser.
The dead body is in front of my train.
We haven't moved in forever.

It makes your mother and sister finger each other.
It makes your father and brother even more scripted.
I will kill you, bitch.

I stare at them fingering like I just burst out of my grave.
Like a butt plug inserted between choosing to love and falling in love,
I am burning with the pride of well-timed vulgarity. 

Cozy brown snow on a light pole.
My days have great choices in them.
The train behind me carries babies fingering cat photos with scalpels.

In a blaze of sweatpants maxing out their credit cards,
It explodes 10 minutes after departing Penn Station. 
Coughing on the way home from work keeps me warm. 


I pay an Asian whore to
Piss the sound of candlelight.

The night trying to get out of the night goes on and on. 
It beats-off the middle of waiting to never stay awake. 

Peace be upon my old school friends before they pass away.
The sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees reveals your spiritual boredom. 


Life's been kind to me.
I drink all day and my car needs an oil change.

I am a man living on his mother's decomposing corpse in a bathtub.
In my front yard are shopping carts I climb into to eat mother out.

A haunted step-by-step laundromat
Detaining hints of rain in deep space when I'm cumming on my face.

Either I eat my mother out or I'm decapitated by booby traps.
Either way, my front yard leads to a must-have born-again virgin.

He is an eating disorder whose semen swallows him.
My days have many swallows in them. 


Beer in a detention room.
Bug spray
To ruin a righteous man.

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