Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ennis Butcher

While unknown dimensions start bringing me down
Tight caucasian shit comes out of my mouth.

For the last night or so, hours.
For the last no or so, right.
For the last so or so I'm inspired by countless cowards.
The dog ahead, the dog behind.

Enter a joystick.
Maybe life is not a shame.
Life is where I find
An exhibitionist wheelchair babe
Saying much for the future of new.

Constant boil
In case I see something.
Everybody likes a little baby
Cause when that child grows up
It's meant to lie.

My baby's name is "At The Store."
A tasered youtube definition fingers me in the ball.
Yesterday was the same, and I think on cocaine
On my pillow as I cross my schedule,
Life seems too long to seek.

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