Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2 Poems


I am drinking by myself
And the

Clench is
Till dotted.

Fellatio grids
Smell of the fruit I am.

Phones rumble
I am Odysseus.

Clean socks opted for sea journey.
Blood samples miles deep in an Oreo.

Banana up my ass.
She said I was ready.

Banana up her ass.
I said that already.

I'm drinking by myself
And then hitch a ride.

Through cities and small towns
Angels descend to massage their assassin. 

Fellatio up my ass.
Religion delivered directly to my bad fence.

I've lived every place.
Everywhere I get so phony.


Like that lip in my dream licking an atman,
This poetry looks mentally challenged.
Plus that lucky fuck a slick back
Sent particles to
Stars, firewood.
Cut out of the schlocked now is
My mental shock
Of now.
The new man in my life has a
Poor honkey true religion.

I've stopped writing.
Spiders drink my hands.
A real dude brushes the hairs on his back. 
Years are in stacks now, descrambling popcorn.
Years wonder if they brushed their teeth today.
And steaks blown up in some plane 
Shoot off the pink part of this poem.
Asian shemale fists busty
Voyeur wanking his teacher with a messiah's collar.
My child, this will be you.

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