Monday, June 10, 2013

gobbet press continues to spread the most important and uncompromising punks out anywhere through the release of Brad Liening's fantastic 
DEATH SALAD. Buy the book here.



Service revolver gag order. 
Gritty obelisk wheeze.

Dynamic trellis. 
Shunting droop.
People go home.

On TV wan iterations of TV. 
Vehicle for sex and loss redoubling.
More searing blues for mid-drifts 
And piercing trends.

Skinnier and skinner, 
Buckshot short of a winner 
But happily dimpled in thighs
Raked and bleeding.

Antlers on the roof
Of a winsome hissing room.


Revolution times the multiplicative
Kill box plus a decade yielding 
The most advanced video game
Making a billion, no sweat.

What luck for the dim undead. 
Grind out grease burgers for hours 
And what do you get. 
Heart disease stank in your pants.

Bus pulp makes its way into your bed
And becomes a way of life. 
Grim statistics on 24 hour repeat, 
Vampire tentacles for faces.


Lunch date finale kills
Meat cutting jobs. 
If only new national anthems.

Hot tree
Calling your friends
Deep into checkbook hysteria.

Little seedling plagues 
Molten for the masses 
And furry huddling.

Inter-dimensional floor wax happening 
Deep in your VapoRub daydream.

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