Sunday, December 30, 2012

3 Poems


A naked drowning victim inhabits my radical utopia.
The wildest onslaught of evil forces
The usual wealth of secret signs and riddles.
A naked drifting spleen stalks Johanna and the devil
Surrounded by priests in cumshot.
Their semen-sermons usher in 
Rocket ships depositing experimental environments. 
I quit flies on the flypaper.
A utopian underworld contains prayer-books for the shoeless snowflake. 


I sink my fangs into a rubbery-male shortness of breath.
I pass unnoticed.
Goddamn a field of flowers.
Like an asshole on a hand
They do otherwise.
Waves in the imperceptible tar once your dad
Order the anxiety of nests.
Those baby hosts numb me as night middles. 
I love the sound of going nowhere.


Because of my hair
I throw away most things.
I believe in traveling light, like the kid
With no chest in my tooth when I think.
On the road back to a mountain monastery I drink
A grave, hear the wind, and look oak.
Two tomatoes howl into the fog.
Another fireball just fell out. 
I write my wife the stone here. 

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