Tuesday, October 4, 2011



A basement watches boxes of diapers boob.
It means old-fashioned rebates and me.
Down the road at night is fact.
Salmon meteors extend the
Many ways potato chips were.
I've gained God loving pod songs.
High definition edible frogs of the snow
Search rains for a trace of brain.
Happiness seems very near.
I split into four lights.
And in some passages dripping. 


From the cook of the clouds
Racists do
Swallow water at the public pool.
A bunch of soda smells dead people.
All I have to say is racist.
Dead people get that
There's a bad problem with zoos inspiring.
There's a dead body with a day old boarding pass.
I'll live its synonymous life for a while and pave
Olmec down syndrome.


Pets ahoy!
My poison continues my soul
Patiently waiting a week before
The clown in here is a testicle times twelve.
My testicles bump accidentally and get zipped up
While I stand in line to buy our season tickets.
Every New Year
Clones make love and sex seem dutiful.
Their names are on the poison.
Clones botch everything to try so I
Bill them a sanity downsized.
City gals in tight gray jeans snatch my testicle jump.
They pork hard and attend all the Super Bowl games.
A retribution for what evacuates often,
I bill everything I season.
On decals
Is a sanity I brush.
I have two beers and accidentally zip up my testicles.
Mall clowns in tight gray jeans clone every soul continuing.
Love and sex seem as dutiful as the kickoff of the Super Bowl.
Souls poison experiences of
Consciousness identifying itself with
The fact that clones dying causes people in this world.
The cause of birth is the will to be their clown.


The horse fucks a seahorse
Over objects of sunset.
I unlike rock.
Human hands in jars
Bake a silhouette of a submarine's vulva.
Just to splatter its jpeg, I put out 
Through a bush a pile of necks
Which stiffen flylaps on the grass between summers.
I'm blessed to think I was born at all.
The looniest of all religions.


The eagles disappear.
The islands consist mainly of sea-burps.
Oriented mammals are red in sweaters.
They come in two colors, vegetable and manufacture.

The storewide are
Islands just coughing-up
Various mortgages and proctologists during the summer.
They come from dark matter at the end of flyers.

Mammals experiment with old tomes and bargain dots.
Mocks accumulate next to bottom-dwelling hairballs.
Kid carcasses accumulate inside shellfish diaries.
To the veins popping out, they've developed smaller ears.

The eagles doubted lots of neat.
Islands named two colors split apart from hick slurs.
Wallpaper animals release oxygen more easily than catalogs.
The end of the light is essential braze.


Tyson Bley said...

eh, Miller - i can grab handfuls of brilliant shit from each poem and rub it on the walls like a happy senile old man

(WV: expappo)

RC Miller said...

Thank you brother Bley for being so very kind about my happy shit.