Wednesday, July 6, 2011


A huge, silly monster. I like monsters. They run after people. I like running after run over people. They leak a big swirly pool where people aren't swimming. I cook over their ghosts. Most other ghosts stay in their cars. The cars pick them up. That's it.


At the edges, the red star is lava. We can play with it. People's heads go in first. A cookie dough of muffin colors. Dinner is arms and legs. A black hole takes out its magnifying glass. Both do not illustrate. Press another button and know how to eat people. I say you're planting.


From the look of the clouds
Racists do.
I think about colliding.
The truly strange park.
I swallow water at the public pool.
A bunch of soda smells dead people.
All I have to say is anyway.
There's a bad problem with the pool water.
There's a dead body with a day old boarding pass.
I'll live an anonymous life for a while and pave trees. 

1 comment:

joe said...

perfect thing to find drunk here alone, paving trees myself