Monday, May 16, 2011


Dryer vent, that's one hot grapefruit.
Isn't that how people say
Tangerine air conditioners
Make it so babies hug like orangeade.

Soon it's midday and I 

Wake up the waterless urinal.
Comfortable coconut breezes
Bend over a baby container.
On a serpent the ground vomits glass to cheers.

My wife begins to pray.
Somehow my rectum comes out of her mouth.
I hear footsteps in a tube of toothpaste.
Our sofa goes on for years.

It casts a death curse.
Its cushions release liters of diarrhea of the strangest mascots.
My wife sends me her prayer.
Got weed and
Sure enough, breezy vagina puzzles. 

1 comment:

Tyson Bley said...

got a laugh out of this one