Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2 poems


The ranch bobcat's
Muffed limb
Fades to horn.
Marble raft rocks bottomless down rocky.

The small girl flattened in gastric juices.
The small boy frapped in pizza pieces.
Later my scalp hangs out
Of the leg dough I haunt.


Abort fessed
Blue stools
Vessel species'
Between farms
Oracle goo
Death's victorious
Tar approaches
Hung repellent
Lamely fangs
Tar pumpkins
Gymnasts coach
Lubed farms
Monotonous splurts
Play dumb
Bus pie
Classic plain
Sun crack
Gray uh
Chopped sun
Dumb pumpkin
Raped blue
Victorious busses
Pie chewed
Due lube
Between moos
Titled goo
Aborted roach

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Anonymous said...

Hallucination is really really good.