Sunday, June 13, 2010


The sink is eels.
Heavy buildings of air smoke.
Official entertainment puts a bullet in my own head.
I've seen this finale eight times.
Abstract with shopping cart fixings.
The employees so friendly and deposited.

I need food.
Got two sons and they are water.
Paratroopers have bases in the shopping center.
Asteroids land each time the nightsky separates from a solution.
The authorities say I need food to bear them.
Just sticks and knives make their way to safety.

I've seen two sons put a bullet in my own head.
The nightsky separate eight times.
Heavy entertainment of abstract employees
Bears asteroids in the shopping center.
The authorities water their way to safety.
The air just sticks and knives.

There are eels covering the whole city.
Television pictures need water to materialize.
Food lands each time paratroopers build smoke.
Got two shopping carts that think they're me.
I had a big hit with the club remix of 'Bullet in My Own Head.'
I am not afraid of neighbors being shot dead.

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Anonymous said...

ridiculously awesome. Several lols. Well done.