Sunday, March 28, 2010

6 poems


The dentist gladly hairy, a
Chicken holiday

Wonder, the blank 
Tupperware from an upper

Anytime love decays
The prostrate, the breast

Comes with risk of owning church exits
Mole attired


Between panthers is a riddle
Lawn mowing clovers, and lower 
Is a hairdryer buyer
Where chips and salsa sunk


In out, out in, coasts of golf course
Sell one free tan 
Onboard the policeman

With a biblical urge to build a fire
And try to conceive
24-hour banking.

By necessity 
Bring an ad
To a bird foot bursting

Mouths of the bluest
Bath or bed
Over the Gaza conflict.


Gliding surgical lights grasp that premature
Gallbladder squashing along a hot pink
Pantsuit fashioned from
Soundscapes of emphysema
Littering the soy sauced conjoined twins
As they saw each other apart
To search for a peculiar strain of cilantro
Inside an op art cage
Digesting corpses of 35 sweet flavor sticks


Dead bodies turn the mirror whack
And recover how I eat super-close
An "arts and craft" type of delicacy
More bucktoothed than mind.

My dish is longer than no night.
Beneath the sun there's a spy
Yet unborn,
Squashing up my ass a dildo salesman
Whose middle eye pants quicksand.

Try to forget I am poor, or
That my strengths are like bowery dogs returning to their vomit
A tastelessness that can be eaten without snouts and
Always has money for movies, beer, bills.


Tide and moon triple scalp,
Any light is slow-motion
Kingdom come

Inspirational art
Through wind, pain, and perspiration, 
The camcorder wrist has unmatched

Red from bending back
To putt
Black items
Dark Brown items
Medium Brown items
Light Brown items
Blond items
Gray items
White items
Auburn items

Instead of a body
Foot odor
Lives spine free

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